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Re: Developing OpenBSD support

> > I'd like to work on developing support in binutils for OpenBSD.  I haven't
> > hacked on binutils before, so I don't quite know how much I've bitten off, but
> > I'm pretty sure I can chew it if I work hard enough.  I'm sure you've had a few
> > people express some interest in this before-- does anybody know the status of
> > previous project to do this?
> > 
> > Looking at binutils-2.11.2, it would seem that the best place to start for
> > adding support would be the BFD library-- is this correct?  Any tips, pointers,
> > or other information that would be useful for somebody just getting started on
> > playing with binutils?
> It's already there.  Look at the current binutils snapshots; see
>  I see alpha, arm, i386, mips,
> m68k, ns32k, and sparc ports.

  actually, this is not complete correct. binutils has support for OpenBSD,
but dynamic only works in elf. a.out is other history.
  we're working on it (sparc64 is already in our tree). the diffs will be
send back when my (and others at OpenBSD) copyright assignments are
  for a.out (if that's what you're asking) there are some code in our
tree, but gas (and prolly ld) needs some missing parts. that is, till
the a.out archs are converted to elf.
  i'd be better imho if you talk to tech@ or any other OpenBSD list for the
matter before duplicating efforts.
  btw, we've also recently made a port for binutils 2.11.2 to help testing
and to centralize the diffs till they're submited.


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