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install dis-asm.h


After configuring binutils 020222 with --prefix=/tmp/mips-install
--target=mips,  "make" and "make install", I get the following files,
among others:


I have (GPL) programs which would like to be able to use the installed
libopcodes.  However, in order for them to do that reliably, they
currently would have to come with their own copy of libopcodes
(because they need to use dis-asm.h, which is not installed), which
is a big maintenance hassle for me because I would have to keep it in
sync with releases.  Currently I tell my users to download and compile
binutils and save a copy of dis-asm.h to manually install themselves,
which results in a fairly confusing INSTALL file for my application.

Would it be possible for you to accept this small patch which causes
dis-asm.h to be installed for libopcodes? If not, is there something I
can do to fix the patch, or is there a course of action you recommend
other than bundling libopcodes with my application?

(Patch tested on i586-pc-linux-gnu x mips-mips-elf w/ "make install").


2002-02-23  Brian Gaeke  <>

    * (install-data-local): Install dis-asm.h.

diff -uar binutils-020222/opcodes/ binutils-020222-new/opcodes/
--- binutils-020222/opcodes/	Sun Feb 10 21:05:09 2002
+++ binutils-020222-new/opcodes/	Sat Feb 23 15:28:19 2002
@@ -271,6 +271,12 @@
 config.status: $(srcdir)/configure $(srcdir)/../bfd/
 	$(SHELL) ./config.status --recheck
+# Install libopcodes include file.
+	$(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)
+	$(INSTALL_DATA) $(INCDIR)/dis-asm.h $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/dis-asm.h
 	stamp-m32r stamp-fr30 stamp-openrisc \
 	stamp-xstormy16 \

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