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Re: cross binutils 2.12 test summary

On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 06:07:57AM -0600, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi,
> After the comments I received about generating a lot of
> email people suggested filtering the logs down, having
> a testresults mailing list, testr results web page, etc.  
> The bottom line was that no one wanted to wade through 
> all of it.  So this email is the result.  I filtered
> the build results down to a single not so long email. :)

Thanks for all your work on this!

> Source: binutils 2.12 CVS checked out around Feb 15
> Host: Redhat 7.2
> 46 Targets attempted:
>     a29k-coff a29k-rtems arc-elf arm-elf arm-rtems avr-elf 
>     c30-coff c54x-coff d10v-elf d30v-elf fr30-elf 
>     h8300-coff h8300-rtems hppa1.1-proelf 
>     hppa1.1-rtems i386-elf i386-rtems i960-coff i960-elf i960-rtems 
>     m32r-elf m68hc11-elf m68hc12-elf m68k-coff m68k-elf 
>     m68k-rtems m68k-rtemself mcore-elf 
>     mips64orion-elf mips64orion-rtems mips-elf mips-rtems mn10200-elf 
>     mn10300-elf or32-rtems pdp11-aout 
>     powerpc-eabi powerpc-rtems sh-coff sh-elf sh-hms 
>     sh-rtems sh-rtemself sparc-elf sparc-rtems v850-elf
> I have a few that did not successfully build:
>  c30-coff - did not configure successfully
>     What is the target for TI C3x/C4x DSPs?  I can't find one. :(

Try tic30-coff/tic54x-coff?

>  sh-hms - previously reported 

I think sh-hms is just a configury problem.  No one has commented, but
my guess is that it should really be an alias for sh-coff.

> Here are all the test failures for those targets
> a29k-rtems/binutils/binutils.sum:FAIL: objcopy (simple copy)
> arc-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: ld-discard/extern
> arc-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: ld-discard/start
> arc-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: ld-discard/static
> avr-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: elf ehopt0
> avr-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: strings
> avr-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: vtable inherit0
> avr-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: vtable entry1
> d10v-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: vtable inherit0
> d30v-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: D30V debug (-g) test
> d30v-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: D30V serial
> d30v-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: D30V serial2
> d30v-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: D30V serial2O
> d30v-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: elf ehopt0
> fr30-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: ld-discard/extern
> h8300-rtems/binutils/binutils.sum:FAIL: objcopy (simple copy)
> hppa1.1-proelf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: Check for error(s) in branch
> length
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: check sections 1
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: check sections 2
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: ld-discard/extern
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: ld-discard/start
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: ld-discard/static
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: DEFINED (PRMS 5699)
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: PHDRS
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: script
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: MRI script
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: SIZEOF
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: weak symbols
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: Preserve default . = 0
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: Preserve explicit . = 0
> i960-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: weak undefined symbols
> i960-rtems/binutils/binutils.sum:FAIL: objcopy (simple copy)
> m68hc11-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: Motorola Assembly Language Input
> Standar
> d
> m68hc11-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI constants
> m68hc11-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI immediate constants
> m68hc11-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI structured for
> m68hc11-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI structured if
> m68hc11-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI structured repeat
> m68hc11-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI structured while
> m68hc11-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI moveml
> m68hc12-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: Motorola Assembly Language Input
> Standar
> d
> m68hc12-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI constants
> m68hc12-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI immediate constants
> m68hc12-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI structured for 
> m68hc12-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI structured if
> m68hc12-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI structured repeat
> m68hc12-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI structured while
> m68hc12-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI moveml
> m68k-coff/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: pcrel
> m68k-coff/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MRI moveml
> m68k-elf/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: ld-discard/extern
> mcore-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: strings
> mcore-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: allinsn
> mips64orion-rtems/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MIPS jal
> mips-rtems/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: MIPS jal
> mn10200-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: vtable inherit0
> mn10200-elf/gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: vtable entry1
> or32-rtems/binutils/binutils.sum:FAIL: objcopy (simple copy)
> powerpc-rtems/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: S-records
> powerpc-rtems/ld/ld.sum:FAIL: S-records with constructors
> sh-rtems/binutils/binutils.sum:FAIL: strip        
> One thing I noticed is that XXX-rtems is a simple wrapper for
> XXX-object_format and sometimes the rtems target reports a failure
> that the comparable simple target doesn't.  sh-rtems does not
> match sh-coff, powerpc-rtems does not match any powerpc-eabi
> or -elf errors.  Any ideas?
> This should be more helpful. :)

I'd guess configury again.  I don't see why for (for instance)
powerpc-rtems; diffing generated headers in two build directories might
show it.

As far as the rest of these failures go, I'm not planning to hold up
release for any of them; what I would prefer to do is to pursue them
for 2.12.1 or 2.13.  However, if anyone manages to fix some of them
before we are quite ready, that'd be good :)  None of them seem to be
completely dysfunctional.

Daniel Jacobowitz                           Carnegie Mellon University
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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