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m68k-as and MRI compatibility

We are trying to use the gnu m68k-coff toolchain to produce our MRI microtec
previously compiled code.

We've got some assembler file in the MRI format. I've got OFFSET directives in
it. This is not recognized by gas. The mri documentation says that It could be
replace by the ORG directives.

 the doc says 
   * `ORG' pseudo-op

     The m68k MRI `ORG' pseudo-op begins an absolute section at a given
     address.  This differs from the usual `as' `.org' pseudo-op, which
     changes the location within the current section.  Absolute
     sections are not supported by other object file formats.  The
     address of a section may be assigned within a linker script.

Does somebody got the same difficult ?

What is the workaround ? 

NOTE : I am not really a assembler programmer and making a linker script from
scratch afraid me alot.

example of assembler file :


*  space card3 (rnis4 ou gaa2)


				DS.B	1	
_base_card3			EQU 	*
_dialog_card3       		DS.B	LG_DIALOG


Christophe DELARUE        E-Generis
Tel.: (+33) 299 842052    Fax.: (+33) 299 639331
13, sq. du Chene Germain / 35510 Cesson-Sevigne / France

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