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Re: automated test results

DJ Delorie wrote:
> > I am almost ready to turn on an automated build of all the cross
> > targets with make check.  Is it sufficient to simply mail all the
> > ".sum" files to the mailing list?
> If it were up to me, I'd filter out the PASS, XFAIL, UNSUPPORTED, and
> "Running ..." lines.  That should leave just the interesting bits.

OK.  That is easy enough and cuts down on a lot of noise.

> Better would be to send out one table summarizing all the tests (one
> row per target, one column per pass/fail/xfail/etc) and post the full
> results on a web server somewhere.  Perhaps even limiting the table to
> only targets whose stats have changed (like "i386-elf fail: 5 (+1)").

That would be nice.  Does anyone or project have any existing 
infrastructure I could build upon?

Right now, I don't intend to run this via cron -- it is just to
report on the release branch but I am trying to build up to
more automated reporting of cross results.  There seems to 
be a lacking of test reports on a lot of cross targets.
> That way we won't learn to ignore the automatic mail ;)

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