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using only a subset of binutils on alpha OSF - a bad idea?

I notice that its pretty busy round here - but maybe someone will have a 
spare few seconds for a question ...

I installed 2.11.2 binutils on alphaev56-dec-osf4.0d - it only configures 
and installs the components other then as and ld - due to lack of support 
for my platform by those 2 programs (although i have forced them to work - 
the lack of shared library support for ECOFF turned me off so i backed out 
of that - also a bug in gcc with OSF 4 means that it needs to be patched and 
recompiled to support gas).  I have therefore been using the system provided 
as and ld - in combination with the rest of the binutils set.

This seemed to be working okay - compiled a half dozen libries and programs, 
including bootstraping gcc from itself.

However I am trying to compile mozilla - using gcc (since i dont have any 
c++ compiler other then gcc and using cc and gnu c++ in combination doesnt 
work at all) - been a few stumbling blocks along the way - which i have 
patched (and am going to submit bug fixes for).
But my latest one - seems to have been resolved by not using gnu ar, using 
the system ar instead.  XPCOM, gets built as a shared library by first 
making a set of a dozen library archives and then putting them togeather.  
When the archives are built using gnu ar/ranlib - system ld complins at the 
shared library creation step - about bad magic number in 

Now since it seems to be working when i use system ar (still recompiling at 
the moment - didnt clean it out properly last recompile and so only some of 
the .a's got recompiled) - this seems to indicate that ar is buggy on my 
platform? - prehaps it shouldnt be listed as being okay in configure.

Just remembered then that I also managed to get strip to crash on libpanel.a 
from gtk+ 1.2.10 (which may have been built before i installed binutils).  
Maybe the problem is more general?

I guess I will live without using gnu binutils :P - but thought it might 
help someone else - even myself if it gets fixed (would try myself but 
binutils deal with alot of knowledge base i dont have)


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