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Re: powerpc64 ._savef* and ._restf*

At 13:33 18.02.2002, Alan Modra wrote:
>._savef14 through ._savef31 and corresponding ._restf* functions are
>used by powerpc64-linux-gcc to save and restore floating point regs,
>at least past a certain cutoff point for inline saves and restores.
>One mildly unusual thing about these functions is that we don't want
>them to be exported from shared libraries, as the powerpc64 call
>sequence adds quite a bit of overhead.  Instead they are supposed to
>be linked statically into each application or shared library needing
>For reasons I don't fully understand, it's no longer OK to put these
>sort of functions into libgcc.a which IMO is the natural place to
>poke them.  The gcc camp wants them to go into libc_nonshared.a,
>which would be OK too;  In either case you need to link against
>that library when creating applications or shared libraries.  Or you
>need to do something a little clever in the linker..

I don't understand, these are already in glibc at least for powerpc-linux, 
see sysdeps/powerpc/fpr*.S.


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