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Re: [patch] print additional mips elf 64 reloc type info in readelf

--- Nick Clifton <> wrote:
> Hi Timothy,
>   The patch is basically OK.  Just a couple of minor points:
> By default, readelf tries to limit its output width to 80
> characters
> (unless the --wide command line option has been given).  It would
> be
> good if you could reformat the information display to fit in with
> this
> philosophy.

Yeah, I would like that too.  I'll take a look at it when I get home
from work (now + 8 hrs. or so).  In the 64-bit case, readelf -r was
already longer than 80 chars.  The native elfdump is too.  The only
options I see are to shorten the individual fields, or use multiple
lines for each reloc.  Do you have a preference?

The fields could be shortened by removing leading zeroes, removing or
factoring out the leading R_MIPS_ in the reloc types, and reducing

> > +   if (!is_32bit_elf) {
> > +     rtype2 = elf_mips_reloc_type (type2);
> > +     rtype3 = elf_mips_reloc_type (type3);
> > +   }
> Formatting - opening brace on a line of its own.

Right.  Old habits die hard. :)

Okay, I'll send a revised patch later. 


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