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Re: [PATCH] allow easier overriding of ELF_DYNAMIC_INTERPRETER

On 17 Feb 2002, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Hans-Peter Nilsson <> writes:
> > I can't think of a reason where you'd have different
> > ELF_DYNAMIC_INTERPRETER values for one and the same bfd vector.
> There are many systems which can use the elf32-i386 BFD vector, but
> which use different dynamic interpreters.

Let me rephrase: I can't think of a reason to define one and the
same named bfd vector differently, by defining items such as
ELF_DYNAMIC_INTERPRETER differently (when the effect can be
reached by defining different bfd vectors).  I see I didn't
write it that way, though. :-]

> I think that the difference between two linkers which both use
> elf32-i386 but which should use different dynamic interpreters is
> exactly the sort of thing which linker emulations were designed to
> handle.  Therefore, I think that any non-default dynamic interpreter
> should be specified in the linker emulation.
> In fact, for standard ELF targets, I see that this is already possible
> using the ELF_INTERPRETER_NAME variable in the ld/emulparams file.

Great, I totally agree.  Is that ok for everyone; no bfd changes
but instead setting ELF_INTERPRETER_NAME in ld/emulparams/* when
it needs to be different from the one in the ELF ABI supplement?

brgds, H-P

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