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Re: [PATCH] allow easier overriding of ELF_DYNAMIC_INTERPRETER

On Sun, Feb 17, 2002 at 05:33:25AM -0500, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> > > And when you actually do need to override stuff, what's
> > > wrong with the #ifndef approach: having a new file, defining
> > > stuff and including the original file, like is used in
> > > elf32-sh-lin.c?
> >
> > Please explain how to use this approach.
> Not much to explain that shouldn't be obvious from a quick look
> at elf32-sh-lin.c.  In old file, add "#ifndef the_item" wrappers
> for the defined item and likewise for the vector name.  In the
> new file, "#define the_item new_value" together with a new
> vector name and "#include the_original_file".

That is what I first proposed and it was rejected by a global maintainer.

That being:
    I ifndef'ed ELF_DYNAMIC_INTERPRETER in elf*-<cpu>.c, so that I could
    include elf*-<cpu>.c in elf*-<cpu>-foo.c.  elf*-<cpu>-foo.c would
    define ELF_DYNAMIC_INTERPRETER so that elf*-<cpu>.c's would not be

> > > Why add some new mechanism for generalization needlessly and for what
> > > seems a thought-up reason,
> >
> > The need is real for open source OS's; and OS's that are not the vendor
> > of the hardware platform.
> Again, why not correct it where it's known to be wrong?

Isn't that what I am doing??

-- David  (

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