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cross target status report for 2.12 branch


I have managed to build and install the following targets for a 
binutils 2.12 CVS checkout this morning.


	a29k-coff a29k-rtems arc-elf arm-elf arm-rtems
	avr-elf d10v-elf d30v-elf fr30-elf h8300-coff
	h8300-rtems hppa1.1-proelf hppa1.1-rtems
	i386-elf i386-rtems i960-coff i960-elf i960-rtems
	m32r-elf m68k-coff m68k-elf m68k-rtems
	m68k-rtemself mcore-elf mips64orion-elf
	mips64orion-rtems mips-elf mips-rtems mn10200-elf
	mn10300-elf powerpc-eabi powerpc-rtems sh-coff
	sh-elf sh-rtems sh-rtemself sparc-elf
	sparc-rtems v850-elf

I have not been able to build the following targets:

  c4x-rtems: Not a valid target any longer
  tic30-coff: Not a recognized machine

These appear to be because the C3x/C4x support has been
renamed and I don't know the best targets.  

  sh-hms: Just won't build and has been reported separately.

So 39 out of the 42 targets I tried to build completed
successfully.  I am going to try to build the gcc 3.0-branch
and main trunk for all of the above targets over the weekend.
I will be out of town Monday but I think I have a script
setup to take care of it. 

--joel sherrill

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