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Re: Committed, SH: bfd bits for sh64 on sh-*, shl-* ELF targets. Fix opcodes too.

On Feb 10, 2002, Hans-Peter Nilsson <> wrote:

> I think this should go on the 2.12 branch too or alternatively,
> Alexandre's opcodes patch should be reverted there.  Either way
> would make sh-elf compile.

> opcodes:
> 	* <bfd_sh_arc>: For sh-* and shl-*, enable sh64
> 	support only for sh-*-*elf*, shl-*-*elf*, sh-*-linux* and
> 	shl-*-linux*.
> 	* configure: Regenerate.

> bfd:
> 	* config.bfd (sh-*-linux*, sh-*-elf* | sh-*-rtemself*): Add sh64
> 	vectors.
> 	(sh-*-netbsdelf*): New, to trump sh*-*-netbsdelf* and add sh64
> 	vectors.

I'm installing this in the branch, since it's broken right now.  I
don't have a problem with reverting the patches later, but it clearly
can't stay the way it is for too long, and going forward is surely
going to be preferred for GDB.  Dan, please let me know if you'd
rather have both patches reverted.

Alexandre Oliva   Enjoy Guarana', see
Red Hat GCC Developer                  aoliva@{,}
CS PhD student at IC-Unicamp        oliva@{,}
Free Software Evangelist                Professional serial bug killer

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