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Re: Special names tha ld needs to recognize for hppa64-hp-hpux11.X

 "John David Anglin" writes:

 > bash-2.05$ gcc -g -static -o main main.c
 > bash-2.05$ ./main
 > Segmentation fault (core dumped)
 > The problem is this code in the exitcu.o module:
 >    8:   2b 60 00 00     addil 0,dp,%r1
 > 			8: R_PARISC_LTOFF_FPTR21L       do_exitcu
 >    c:   50 3a 00 00     ldd 0(r1),r26
 > 			c: R_PARISC_LTOFF_FPTR14DR      do_exitcu
 > When linked with gnu ld, r26 ends up with actual address of "do_exitcu".
 > However, r26 should contain the address of the .opd entry for "do_exitcu".  
Hmmm, what is the scope of do_exitcu?  global or file-local?

I vaguely recall that the behavior of these are different; specifically
the .dlt entry isn't supposed to point to a .opd entry (since we don't
have .opd entries for static functions).

 > I don't fully understand the code in elf64-hppa.c but it seems that
 > there is something tricky going on with respect to the values of symbols
 > for which there are .opd entries.  Does this ring any bells as to
 > what's going on?
There is some *major* hair when you take the address of a function, 
unfortunately, all the little details aren't fresh in my mind anymore.
You'd have to read the various comments throughout elf64-hppa.c.


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