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Committed, CRIS: gas docs.

Finally got around to add CRIS docs. :-/
Infrastructure bits installed as obvious.
Passes "make info" and "make dvi".

	* doc/c-cris.texi: New.
	* doc/all.texi: @set CRIS.
	* doc/as.texinfo: Ditto.  Add CRIS gas manpage option overview.
	Include c-cris.texi.
	* doc/ (CPU_DOCS): Add c-cris.texi
	* doc/ Regenerate.

Index: as.texinfo
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gas/doc/as.texinfo,v
retrieving revision 1.54
diff -p -c -r1.54 as.texinfo
*** as.texinfo	2002/02/08 06:32:22	1.54
--- as.texinfo	2002/02/09 02:49:20
*** 31,36 ****
--- 31,37 ----
  @set A29K
  @set ARC
  @set ARM
+ @set CRIS
  @set D10V
  @set D30V
  @set H8/300
*************** gcc(1), ld(1), and the Info entries for
*** 284,289 ****
--- 285,299 ----
     [@b{-mthumb-interwork}] [@b{-moabi}] [@b{-k}]
  @end ifset
+ @ifset CRIS
+ @emph{Target CRIS options:}
+    [@b{--underscore} | @b{--no-underscore}]
+    [@b{--pic}] [@b{-N}]
+    [@b{--emulation=criself} | @b{--emulation=crisaout}]
+ @c Deprecated -- deliberately not documented.
+ @c [@b{-h}] [@b{-H}]
+ @end ifset
  @ifset D10V

  @emph{Target D10V options:}
*************** Specify that PIC code has been generated
*** 582,587 ****
--- 592,601 ----
  @end table
  @end ifset

+ @ifset CRIS
+ See the info pages for documentation of the CRIS-specific options.
+ @end ifset
  @ifset D10V
  The following options are available when @value{AS} is configured for
  a D10V processor.
*************** subject, see the hardware manufacturer's
*** 5578,5583 ****
--- 5592,5600 ----
  @ifset ARM
  * ARM-Dependent::               ARM Dependent Features
  @end ifset
+ @ifset MMIX
+ * CRIS-Dependent::              CRIS Dependent Features
+ @end ifset
  @ifset D10V
  * D10V-Dependent::              D10V Dependent Features
  @end ifset
*************** subject, see the hardware manufacturer's
*** 5674,5679 ****
--- 5691,5700 ----

  @ifset ARM
  @include c-arm.texi
+ @end ifset
+ @ifset CRIS
+ @include c-cris.texi
  @end ifset

  @ifset Hitachi-all
*** /dev/null	Tue Jan  1 05:00:00 1980
--- c-cris.texi	Sat Feb  9 03:39:48 2002
*** 0 ****
--- 1,293 ----
+ @c Copyright 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+ @c This is part of the GAS manual.
+ @c For copying conditions, see the file as.texinfo.
+ @c CRIS description contributed by Axis Communications.
+ @ifset GENERIC
+ @page
+ @node CRIS-Dependent
+ @chapter CRIS Dependent Features
+ @end ifset
+ @ifclear GENERIC
+ @node Machine Dependencies
+ @chapter CRIS Dependent Features
+ @end ifclear
+ @cindex CRIS support
+ @menu
+ * CRIS-Opts::              Command-line Options
+ * CRIS-Expand::            Instruction expansion
+ * CRIS-Syntax::            Syntax
+ @end menu
+ @node CRIS-Opts
+ @section Command-line Options
+ @cindex options, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS options
+ The CRIS version of @code{@value{AS}} has these
+ machine-dependent command-line options.
+ @cindex @option{--emulation=criself} command line option, CRIS
+ @cindex @option{--emulation=crisaout} command line option, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS @option{--emulation=criself} command line option
+ @cindex CRIS @option{--emulation=crisaout} command line option
+ The format of the generated object files can be either ELF or
+ a.out, specified by the command-line options
+ @option{--emulation=crisaout} and @option{--emulation=criself}.
+ The default is ELF (criself), unless @code{@value{AS}} has been
+ configured specifically for a.out by using the configuration
+ name @code{cris-axis-aout}.
+ @cindex @option{--underscore} command line option, CRIS
+ @cindex @option{--no-underscore} command line option, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS @option{--underscore} command line option
+ @cindex CRIS @option{--no-underscore} command line option
+ There are two different link-incompatible ELF object file
+ variants for CRIS, for use in environments where symbols are
+ expected to be prefixed by a leading @samp{_} character and for
+ environments without such a symbol prefix.  The variant used for
+ GNU/Linux port has no symbol prefix.  Which variant to produce
+ is specified by either of the options @option{--underscore} and
+ @option{--no-underscore}.  The default is @option{--underscore}.
+ Since symbols in CRIS a.out objects are expected to have a
+ @samp{_} prefix, specifying @option{--no-underscore} when
+ generating a.out objects is an error.  Besides the object format
+ difference, the effect of this option is to parse register names
+ differently (@pxref{crisnous}).  The @option{--no-underscore}
+ option makes a @samp{$} register prefix mandatory.
+ @cindex @option{--pic} command line option, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS @option{--pic} command line option
+ @cindex Position-independent code, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS position-independent code
+ The option @option{--pic} must be passed to @code{@value{AS}} in
+ order to recognize the symbol syntax used for ELF (SVR4 PIC)
+ position-independent-code (@pxref{crispic}).  This will also
+ affect expansion of instructions.  The expansion with
+ @option{--pic} will use PC-relative rather than (slightly
+ faster) absolute addresses in those expansions.
+ @cindex @option{-N} command line option, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS @option{-N} command line option
+ When @option{-N} is specified, @code{@value{AS}} will emit a
+ warning when a 16-bit branch instruction is expanded into a
+ 32-bit multiple-instruction construct (@pxref{CRIS-Expand}).
+ @node CRIS-Expand
+ @section Instruction expansion
+ @cindex instruction expansion, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS instruction expansion
+ @code{@value{AS}} will silently choose an instruction that fits
+ the operand size for @samp{[register+constant]} operands.  For
+ example, the offset @code{127} in @code{move.d [r3+127],r4} fits
+ in an instruction using a signed-byte offset.  Similarly,
+ @code{move.d [r2+32767],r1} will generate an instruction using a
+ 16-bit offset.  For symbolic expressions and constants that do
+ not fit in 16 bits including the sign bit, a 32-bit offset is
+ generated.
+ For branches, @code{@value{AS}} will expand from a 16-bit branch
+ instruction into a sequence of instructions that can reach a
+ full 32-bit address.  Since this does not correspond to a single
+ instruction, such expansions can optionally be warned about.
+ @xref{CRIS-Opts}.
+ @node CRIS-Syntax
+ @section Syntax
+ There are different aspects of the CRIS assembly syntax.
+ @menu
+ * CRIS-Chars::		        Special Characters
+ * CRIS-Pic::			Position-Independent Code Symbols
+ * CRIS-Regs::			Register Names
+ * CRIS-Pseudos::		Assembler Directives
+ @end menu
+ @node CRIS-Chars
+ @subsection Special Characters
+ @cindex line comment characters, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS line comment characters
+ The character @samp{#} is a line comment character.  It starts a
+ comment if and only if it is placed at the beginning of a line.
+ A @samp{;} character starts a comment anywhere on the line,
+ causing all characters up to the end of the line to be ignored.
+ A @samp{@@} character is handled as a line separator equivalent
+ to a logical new-line character (except in a comment), so
+ separate instructions can be specified on a single line.
+ @node CRIS-Pic
+ @subsection Symbols in position-independent code
+ @cindex Symbols in position-independent code, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS symbols in position-independent code
+ @cindex Position-independent code, symbols in, CRIS
+ When generating @anchor{crispic}position-independent code (SVR4
+ PIC) for use in cris-axis-linux-gnu shared libraries, symbol
+ suffixes are used to specify what kind of run-time symbol lookup
+ will be used, expressed in the object as different
+ @emph{relocation types}.  Usually, all absolute symbol values
+ must be located in a table, the @emph{global offset table},
+ leaving the code position-independent; independent of values of
+ global symbols and independent of the address of the code.  The
+ suffix modifies the value of the symbol, into for example an
+ index into the global offset table where the real symbol value
+ is entered, or a PC-relative value, or a value relative to the
+ start of the global offset table.  All symbol suffixes start
+ with the character @samp{:} (omitted in the list below).  Every
+ symbol use in code or a read-only section must therefore have a
+ PIC suffix to enable a useful shared library to be created.
+ Usually, these constructs must not be used with an additive
+ constant offset as is usually allowed, i.e.@: no 4 as in
+ @code{symbol + 4} is allowed.  This restriction is checked at
+ link-time, not at assembly-time.
+ @table @code
+ @item GOT
+ Attaching this suffix to a symbol in an instruction causes the
+ symbol to be entered into the global offset table.  The value is
+ a 32-bit index for that symbol into the global offset table.
+ The name of the corresponding relocation is
+ @samp{R_CRIS_32_GOT}.  Example: @code{move.d
+ [$r0+extsym:GOT],$r9}
+ @item GOT16
+ Same as for @samp{GOT}, but the value is a 16-bit index into the
+ global offset table.  The corresponding relocation is
+ @samp{R_CRIS_16_GOT}.  Example: @code{move.d
+ [$r0+asymbol:GOT16],$r10}
+ @item PLT
+ This suffix is used for function symbols.  It causes a
+ @emph{procedure linkage table}, an array of code stubs, to be
+ created at the time the shared object is created or linked
+ against, together with a global offset table entry.  The value
+ is a pc-relative offset to the corresponding stub code in the
+ procedure linkage table.  This arrangement causes the run-time
+ symbol resolver to be called to look up and set the value of the
+ symbol the first time the function is called (at latest;
+ depending environment variables).  It is only safe to leave the
+ symbol unresolved this way if all references are function calls.
+ The name of the relocation is @samp{R_CRIS_32_PLT_PCREL}.
+ Example: @code{add.d fnname:PLT,$pc}
+ @item PLTG
+ Like PLT, but the value is relative to the beginning of the
+ global offset table.  The relocation is
+ @samp{R_CRIS_32_PLT_GOTREL}.  Example: @code{move.d
+ fnname:PLTG,$r3}
+ @item GOTPLT
+ Similar to @samp{PLT}, but the value of the symbol is a 32-bit
+ index into the global offset table.  This is somewhat of a mix
+ between the effect of the @samp{GOT} and the @samp{PLT} suffix;
+ the difference to @samp{GOT} is that there will be a procedure
+ linkage table entry created, and that the symbol is assumed to
+ be a function entry and will be resolved by the run-time
+ resolver as with @samp{PLT}.  The relocation is
+ @samp{R_CRIS_32_GOTPLT}.  Example: @code{jsr
+ [$r0+fnname:GOTPLT]}
+ @item GOTPLT16
+ A variant of @samp{GOTPLT} giving a 16-bit value.  Its
+ relocation name is @samp{R_CRIS_16_GOTPLT}.  Example: @code{jsr
+ [$r0+fnname:GOTPLT16]}
+ @item GOTOFF
+ This suffix must only be attached to a local symbol, but may be
+ used in an expression adding an offset.  The value is the
+ address of the symbol relative to the start of the global offset
+ table.  The relocation name is @samp{R_CRIS_32_GOTREL}.
+ Example: @code{move.d [$r0+localsym:GOTOFF],r3}
+ @end table
+ @node CRIS-Regs
+ @subsection Register names
+ @cindex register names, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS register names
+ A @samp{$} character may always prefix a general or special
+ register name in an instruction operand but is mandatory when
+ the option @option{--no-underscore} is specified or when the
+ @code{.syntax register_prefix} directive is in effect
+ (@pxref{crisnous}).  Register names are case-insensitive.
+ @node CRIS-Pseudos
+ @subsection Assembler Directives
+ @cindex assembler directives, CRIS
+ @cindex pseudo-ops, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS assembler directives
+ @cindex CRIS pseudo-ops
+ There are a few CRIS-specific pseudo-directives in addition to
+ the generic ones.  @xref{Pseudo Ops}.  Constants emitted by
+ pseudo-directives are in little-endian order for CRIS.  There is
+ no support for floating-point-specific directives for CRIS.
+ @table @code
+ @item .dword EXPRESSIONS
+ @cindex assembler directive .dword, CRIS
+ @cindex pseudo-op .dword, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS assembler directive .dword
+ @cindex CRIS pseudo-op .dword
+ The @code{.dword} directive is a synonym for @code{.int},
+ expecting zero or more EXPRESSIONS, separated by commas.  For
+ each expression, a 32-bit little-endian constant is emitted.
+ @item .syntax ARGUMENT
+ @cindex assembler directive .syntax, CRIS
+ @cindex pseudo-op .syntax, CRIS
+ @cindex CRIS assembler directive .syntax
+ @cindex CRIS pseudo-op .syntax
+ The @code{.syntax} directive takes as ARGUMENT one of the
+ following case-sensitive choices.
+ @table @code
+ @item no_register_prefix
+ The @code{.syntax no_register_prefix} @anchor{crisnous}directive
+ makes a @samp{$} character prefix on all registers optional.  It
+ overrides a previous setting, including the corresponding effect
+ of the option @option{--no-underscore}.  If this directive is
+ used when ordinary symbols do not have a @samp{_} character
+ prefix, care must be taken to avoid ambiguities whether an
+ operand is a register or a symbol; using symbols with names the
+ same as general or special registers then invoke undefined
+ behavior.
+ @item register_prefix
+ This directive makes a @samp{$} character prefix on all
+ registers mandatory.  It overrides a previous setting, including
+ the corresponding effect of the option @option{--underscore}.
+ @item leading_underscore
+ This is an assertion directive, emitting an error if the
+ @option{--no-underscore} option is in effect.
+ @item no_leading_underscore
+ This is the opposite of the @code{.syntax leading_underscore}
+ directive and emits an error if the option @option{--underscore}
+ is in effect.
+ @end table
+ @c If you compare with md_pseudo_table, you see that we don't
+ @c document ".file" and ".loc" here.  This is because we're just
+ @c wrapping the corresponding ELF function and emitting an error for
+ @c a.out.
+ @end table
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gas/doc/,v
retrieving revision 1.17
diff -p -c -r1.17
***	2002/02/08 06:32:22	1.17
---	2002/02/09 02:49:15
*************** CPU_DOCS = \
*** 28,33 ****
--- 28,34 ----
  	c-arc.texi \
  	c-arm.texi \
  	c-d10v.texi \
+ 	c-cris.texi \
  	c-h8300.texi \
  	c-h8500.texi \
  	c-hppa.texi \
Index: all.texi
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gas/doc/all.texi,v
retrieving revision 1.11
diff -p -c -r1.11 all.texi
*** all.texi	2001/10/30 15:20:07	1.11
--- all.texi	2002/02/09 02:49:15
*** 29,34 ****
--- 29,35 ----
  @set A29K
  @set ARC
  @set ARM
+ @set CRIS
  @set D10V
  @set D30V
  @set H8/300

brgds, H-P

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