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Re: bfd questions.

Hi Martin,

> For the bi-arch s390/s390x support I'd like to change the two s390
> bfds in some aspects. 1) The printable_name for 31 bit is "s390:390"
> and for 64 bit it is "s390:esame". Both pretty meaningless,
> "s390:31" and "s390:64" would be better.

or maybe "s390:31-bit" and s390:64-bit" ?

> 2) change the bfd_mach_s390_esa preprocessor define to
> bfd_mach_s390_31 and bfd_mach_s390_esame to bfd_mach_s390_64.

Seems reasonable.

> 3) Add the switches -m31 and -m64 to switch to 31 bit or 64 bit.

Err, add the switches to where ?  GAS ?

> 4) Add the switches -Aesa and -Aesame to switch between the ESA and 
> ESAME architectures. And last but not least 5) add ESAME relocations
> to the 31 bit bfd.
> The idea of 4) and 5) is to enable the use of ESAME instructions on
> a 31 bit system that is running on a machine that supports ESAME.

Presumably then you would generate a warning if -m64 and -Aesa were
used together, or is there an advantage to having 64 bit binaries that
do not support the ESAME instructions ?

> Is there anything that would speak against there changes ?

Not from me.


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