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Re: PATCH: Modify the mips gas behavior for -g -O

Eric Christopher <> writes:

> > Here is a patch which does what I want. Any comments?
> > 
> Does anyone care if we have MIPS compatibility? I remember seeing this a
> few years ago and wondering why we were doing it this way. I remember at
> one time debuggers had problems with optimized code, but gdb has come a
> long way since then. Is there any reason to have this code in there at
> all now, i.e. should we just go off of optimization level and not debug
> level at all?

In general the reason for this sort of compatibility is for easier gcc
support.  It's normally more convenient if the GNU assembler and the
native assembler present the same interface, so that you don't have to
use --with-gnu-assembler to get the right result when configuring gcc.

It's far more common to invoke the assembler via the compiler than to
invoke it directly, so making it work correctly when invoked via the
compiler is normally best.

H.J., my question on this patch would be: why is -g being passed to
the assembler?


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