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Re: include/dis-asm.h patch for cgen disassemblers

> I'm contending that this is correctly modeled within BFD as separate 
>> BFD_ARCH's.  If it isn't then the documentation, at least, for BFD is wrong.
>> You appear to contend that it is correctly modeled as a single bfd_arch 
>> and a number of different bfd_machs.  [...]
> It is correct in the sense that it works (and has been working for, oh,
> three years now?), it's reasonably compact in code, and it doesn't obviously
> contradict any important rules.  If you prefer a new "correctness" criterion
> that it fails, the it's not "correct", but the onus is on you to justify your
> criterion.

You pointed at multi-arch.  Yes, GDB refuses non-multi-arch targets.  As 
much as anything it is because non-multi-arch targets have a 
significantly higher maintenance overhead and there is little benefit in 
having the GDB community take on the extra burdon of maintainging such 
code.  On the other hand people are free to develope non-multi-arch 
targets and distribute them.  The code might work but that certainly 
doesn't make it either correct or suitable for integration into GDB.


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