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Re: sh64-elf (SH5) port

On Feb  3, 2002, Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:

> I'm extremely pleased to contribute the SH5 port of binutils,
> developed mostly by Hans-Peter Nilsson, with some contributions by DJ
> Delorie and Ben Elliston, later extended to support PIC by myself.

> I'm going to post patches for include, include/elf, opcodes, bfd, gas,
> gas/testsuite, ld and ld/testsuite, all of them as follow-ups to this
> message.

Ok, that was it.

I forgot to mention that, with this patch, in addition to the one I
posted for the SH assembler the other day, sh-elf passes all binutils
and gas tests, and doesn't regress in ld tests.  sh64-elf passes all
binutils and gas tests, and has the same failures as sh-elf in ld,
plus 3 sh64-elf-specific crange-related tests.  I'm still unsure
whether the failures are result of bit rot over the past year or
actual bugs.  I'm investigating these remaining failures, and I hope
to have a resolution in the near future, but I'd appreciate if these
large patches could be installed despite this detail; it's a major
effort for me to keep them in sync with Red Hat's internal CVS trees
while still making changes in the port.  So, actually, the earlier it
goes in, the faster I can be in fixing these problems.

Ok to install?


Alexandre Oliva   Enjoy Guarana', see
Red Hat GCC Developer                  aoliva@{,}
CS PhD student at IC-Unicamp        oliva@{,}
Free Software Evangelist                Professional serial bug killer

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