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SOM patch for weak syms

I commited this patch a few moments ago at Steve's request, then poked
around a little and realized that we have a competing patch from clm
Tue Jun 13 20:58:28 2000 that has the same intent.  Yes, I should have
checked more thoroughly first :-(

That said, I like Steve's patch better.  Reason: A .weak after a .export
undoes the BSF_GLOBAL flag.  So, we can probably undo the Jun 13 patch.
Comments ?

	* som.c (som_bfd_derive_misc_symbol_info): Make weak symbols
	global by default.

Linuxcare.  Support for the Revolution.

Index: som.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/bfd/som.c,v
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -u -p -r1.13 som.c
--- som.c	2000/09/14 01:33:46	1.13
+++ som.c	2000/09/26 01:18:43
@@ -4069,7 +4069,8 @@ som_bfd_derive_misc_symbol_info (abfd, s
      of common symbols was handled earlier!  */
   if (bfd_is_und_section (sym->section))
     info->symbol_scope = SS_UNSAT;
-  else if (sym->flags & BSF_EXPORT && ! bfd_is_com_section (sym->section))
+  else if (sym->flags & (BSF_EXPORT | BSF_WEAK)
+	   && ! bfd_is_com_section (sym->section))
     info->symbol_scope = SS_UNIVERSAL;
   /* Anything else which is not in the common section has scope
      SS_LOCAL.  */

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