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Re: [patch] to gas: m68k relaxer redesign and clean-up

Nick Clifton <> wrote:

> Approved and applied.

It still isn't in the repo as I'm sending this, so you haven't applied it. At
the new place I'll try to build ssh as soon as I can and hopefully get a
sourceware account, so if you're already vacationing, I can wait till then and
check it in myself, but if you can, please apply it now so that it's in CVS
while I'm moving so that others have no problems making patches to that file
(my patch is a big change).

> PS.  The m68k gas testsuite is showing a lot of failures in the
> gas/m68k/pcrel test case.

Which specific configuration triplet did you get these failures with? Are these
old or introduced by my patch?

> Please could you take a little time to fix
> these ?

Yes, I'll do that when I get my new faster VAX in California.

Michael Sokolov		Harhan Engineering Laboratory
Public Service Agent	International Free Computing Task Force
			International Engineering and Science Task Force
			DALLAS TX 75204-5852 USA

Phone: +1-214-824-7693 (Harhan Eng Lab office)
E-mail: msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG (ARPA TCP/SMTP) (UUCP coming soon)

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