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configure errors in latest snapshots on HPUX 11.00

Originally configure failed like so: 

--> updating cache ../config.cache
--> loading cache ../config.cache within ltconfig
--> ./../ltconfig[634]: ./../  not found.
--> configure: error: libtool configure failed
--> Configure in /scratch/rnesius/binutils-000921/opcodes failed, exiting.
--> hip466> cd opcodes/
--> hip466> grep *
--> configure:LIBTOOL_DEPS="$ac_aux_dir/ltconfig $ac_aux_dir/
--> $ac_aux_dir/"

I hacked $ac_aux_dir/ off the LIBTOOL_DEPS line in 

After that configure failed again because didn't exist.  
This time it was <source_root>/ltconfig looking for it. 
I commented out the else clause around line 636 (see below) and got a clean

# Source the script associated with the $tagname tag configuration.
if test -n "$tagname"; then
  . $ltmain
# else
  # FIXME:  We should use a variable here
  # Configure for a C compiler
  # . $srcdir/

Still, I'm a little concerned.  I'm going to proceed with the 
build and see what happens, but it looks like either a file 
was removed from the binutils source tree but not all references
were updated, or this file wasn't checked in?  


#include <sig.h>
Robert Nesius       503.712.2181
DPG Engineering Computing SW Applications Team

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