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Re: A relocation problem in shared objects for SH

Alexandre Oliva <> 
>On Sep 14, 2000, kaz Kojima <> wrote:
>> We have a problem when making for sh-unknown-linux-gnu target. This
>> comes from that SH ELF uses both rela relocation and the implicit rel value
>> in memory (to support COFF, I think). The next lists and relocs show what
>> happened.
> I'd be interested in seeing a preprocessed source file that causes
> this behavior.  Back when I was working on SH-PIC support, I had seen
> this hunk in your patches, and couldn't find any situation in which it
> would make any difference, even when linking shared libraries.  It
> seems that I didn't try hard enough :-(

Yep. It's a rare case as you say. I could find such codes in very huge
functions only.

> I wonder whether this isn't some incorrectness in the code generated
> by the compiler.

It's just a guess but the compiler can avoid this relocation by generating
braf instruction instead of jmp in PIC case, though the current code itself
doesn't seem incorrect.

> Please send me, off line, the preprocessed source file, as well as the
> command lines used to compile this file and to create the shared
> library.  Thanks!

ok. I'll send yout them ASAP.
Thanks you for replying.


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