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Re: [patch] to ld: embedded relocs for m68k ELF, part 2 of 2

Nick Clifton <> wrote:

> Note - I had to fix a bug in the code that you submitted, which leads
> me to believe that you may not have tested this code before submitting
> it:

Sorry for letting this bug get past my testing and thanks for catching it, but
I really did test this code before posting, I swear. How it managed to get past
the compiler is beyond me. But it really did compile, run, and produce the
correct output! See:

-rwxr-xr-x  1 msokolov users         855 Sep 10 22:25 test

test is an m68k ELF executable produced by m68k-elf-ld --embedded-relocs with
my patch right before I posted it. It has the embedded reloc records in it
exactly as they are supposed to be, and objdump confirms this, just like on a
real testsuite testcase!

Michael Sokolov		Harhan Engineering Laboratory
Public Service Agent	International Free Computing Task Force
			International Engineering and Science Task Force
			DALLAS TX 75204-5852 USA

Phone: +1-214-824-7693 (Harhan Eng Lab office)
E-mail: msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG (ARPA TCP/SMTP) (UUCP coming soon)

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