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Re: [patch] bfd/som.c: fix local buffer overrun (was: gas (binutils) 2.10: SIGSEGV on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20)

  In message <200009121818.TAA01825@Maidavale.thyron-local>you write:
  > > I just checked the SOM reference and the limit on symbol names is 2^32
  > > characters; so the name is valid according to the SOM reference.
  > BTW, that figure also means we do need size_t rather than int, although it
  > will hardly ever matter.
True since I believe other places will break if we had a string > 2^31
bytes long.

  > >   > Doesn't that depend on whether the error is something like "file syst
  > em
  > >   > full" or whether it is a bug in the code itself?
  > > No, it doesn't depend on anything like that.
  > Can you give me a pointer to an archive of the discussion on that design
  > discussion?
It probably pre-dates moving all development to public lists.

  > I don't know how to create a space name nor what it is at all.  That
  > means, the change to som_write_space_strings is untested so far.
Use -ffunction-sections when compiling code with gcc/g++.  That will put
each function into its own section.  The section takes the name of the
function itself.  So if you have a function name which is very long, it
will be placed into a section name that is very long.

I have installed your patch.


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