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Re: m68k MacOS target support?

Stan Shebs <> writes:

> All three of these versions used to be at Cygnus' ftp site, presumably
> they're still there, and you can get the talking compiler on MacHack's
> CD (  Alas, none of them is of much use for porting
> current GCC to m68k MacOS, since they assume MPW, and now-unsupported
> versions at that.  Most of the changes are highly MPW-specific anyway,
> with the exception of Pascal string (\p) and four-char-constants ('oapp')
> support in the frontend.

Hey, MPW runs great on my Quadras!

Seriously, an m68k port that targeted CFM68k binaries only would
probably be reasonable to support *iff* there were also a maintained
port to MacOS/powerpc.

Seeing as MacOS itself is going to start fading into the sunset
shortly, I guess this isn't likely.

> So given that m68k Macs are slowly fading into the sunset, and that
> the PalmOS GCC port has little in common with the old Mac ports, I'd say
> it's not worth spending much time worrying about m68k Mac support in
> current GCC.

Probably not.  I do find it sad that we require a highly non-free
compiler to build the bootloaders and other MacOS support utilities
for installing and running free operating systems (NetBSD, GNU/Linux,
mkLinux) on older Macintoshes (both m68k and powerpc based).  And the
gratis MPW compilers really suck compared to GCC (no inline assembly,
etc, so on).

Oh well, so it goes.

Linuxcare. Support for the revolution.

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