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Re: binutilss 000905/000908 fail on sparc 2.7

Hi Folks,

due to our beautiful and awfully save firewall proxy, I don't have
access to CVS, I rely ftp'ing the snapshots.

If the snapshot isn't the same as a cvs checkout, is this a mistake
that's going to be fixed ? If yes, who would be doing that ? 

Can I contact the person doing the snapshots to get a timeline ?

I have the sneaking suspicion that I'm awfully close to be able to
compile a 64 bit pointer pgm on Solaris 2.7 with binutils/gcc, and
I'm getting closer every day :-)

Thanks for you help


Eric Christopher wrote:

> If the snapshots are still being created with this then there's a
> problem.  Is the snapshot just doing a cvs update?  or is it checking
> out of cvs fresh?

> The top level likely won't update unless you do a cvs co binutils.
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