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Re: An article about the Cygnus tree

> Date: Mon, 4 Sep 00 16:20:16 CDT
> From: msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG (Michael Sokolov)

> gcc is bigger and has many more people interested in its
> development, so Cygnus didn't take over its development and do it
> behind closed doors. First they synchronised their work on it (in
> their internal Cygnus tree) with the FSF maintainers. Then in late
> 1997 they created an open development project for it which they
> named EGCS. It was run by Cygnus and competed with FSF's gcc
> project. Finally, in spring 1999 FSF closed their gcc project and
> EGCS was renamed into GCC.

This bit is not correct.  EGCS was never 'run by' Cygnus.  It has
always been run by a steering committee on which Cygnus has been
careful to ensure that its employees were never a majority.

> Unfortunately, the GCC (former EGCS) maintainers seem to not have
> grasped yet that this arrangement is troublesome and just plain
> wrong.

Well, I for one would like to see a combined tree.

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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