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compiling libbfd with borland c++builder

hi all !
a while ago, i wrote a win32-tool for downloading coff-files (produced by
ti's c30-compiler) do a dsp via rs232.
i accomplished this using a patched (binutils-c4x-1.6.2.diff.gz)
version of libbfd, compiled with cygwin, and using tcl/tk as gui.

now, i will have to rewrite this tool using borland c++-builder. i
could, of course, recompile libbfd into a dll using cygwin, but i
would like to know if somebody has already managed to compile libbfd
using bcc32? i already looked into makefile.dos and it seems it
shouldn't be too hard, but perhaps somebody's done the job already.

another question: when linking, libbfd depends on -liberty and
libintl. is it possible to compile libbfd so it won't need them? if
not, the same question applies to both of these libs: did anybody
successfully compile them with ?

thank you all in advance !

  -- oly
Oliver Nittka              |
ESEM Grünau GmbH & Co. KG  |
Dornierstraße 6            | phone: +49 7544 9583-25
88677 Markdorf / Germany   | fax:   +49 7544 9583-60

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