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Re: ChangeLog entries when merging into the binutils_2.10 branch

David O'Brien wrote:
> I'd like to request that people do not use the date in the HEAD ChangeLog
> entry, but rather the date of the merge in ChangeLog entries committed to
> branches.  Right now the binutils_2.10 branch's bfd/ChangeLog reads:
>     2000-04-14  Matthew Green  <>
>         * config.bfd: Add NetBSD/sparc64 support.
>     2000-05-31  Mark Kettenis  <>
> Which implies time has gone backwards.  With GNU software the ChangeLog
> rather then the CVS logs are what I've been told to go by to determine
> change.  Having wrong dates for changes makes it harder for people to
> decided if they should update their binutils_2.10 source used in their
> various projects.

My memory of the policy on this is that:

	o	the ChangeLog ordering reflects the
		commit ordering.  You really can't 100%
		trust the date/time.

	o	The date should roughly reflect the time
		that the change was committed

	o	(but) there needs to be a certain level
		of flexability as people live real lives
		in real timezones :-)

Personally (i.e. not not policy by any streach of the imagination but
still a fairly common pratice) when pulling a patch over to a branch and
applying it I'll create an entry like:

	2000-05-31  Andrew Cagney ....

		From 2000-04-14  Andrew Cagney  ....
		* config.bfd: Add NetBSD/sparc64 support

so that the original and the updated ChangeLog dates are retained.  If
you've ever had to mine through ChangeLogs for specific changes, you
tend to appreciate this.


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