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Re: (FWD) Re: ** potential patch for 2.10 ** DEC Alpha bug related to AT register

Re: (FWD) Re: ** potential patch for 2.10 ** DEC Alpha bug relatedto AT register

** potential patch for 2.10 ** DEC Alpha bug related to AT register

Re: ** potential patch for 2.10 ** DEC Alpha bug related to AT register

Re: -mpcrel and -fPIC and -m68000

.code16gcc and "lea <32bit>(%eax),%edx"


Re: 68HC11 port of Binutils

68HC11&68HC12 port for Binutils, Gdb and Gcc

[Fwd: [PATCH]: enable bfd to read 32-bit corefile on 64-bit host]

[Patch 1/8]: 68HC11 port of Binutils (bfd)

[Patch 2/8]: 68HC11 port of Binutils (opcodes)

[Patch 3/8]: 68HC11 port of Binutils (includes)

[Patch 4/8]: 68HC11 port of Binutils (ld)

[Patch 5/8]: 68HC11 port of Binutils (binutils)

[Patch 6/8]: 68HC11 port of Binutils (gas)

[Patch 7/8]: 68HC11 port of Binutils (gas-doc)

[Patch 8/8]: 68HC11 port of Binutils (gas-test)

[PATCH] 64-bit AIX core files (revised)

[patch] avr port: bug in disassembler

[patch] avr port: comment formatting

[patch] avr port: gas/config/tc-avr.c

[patch] avr port: include/opcode/avr.h

[patch] avr port: opcodes/avr-dis.c

[patch] avr port: second bug in disassembler

[patch] avr-binutils changes

[patch] bfd/*-h8300.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] bfd/elf.c: Replace __sparcv9 with autoconf variables.

[PATCH] bfd_target_xcoff_flavour (again)

[patch] DEFUN removal and comment typo fixes

[PATCH] gas/config/i386.c for PE

[patch] gas/config/tc-*.c: Remove all uses of DEFUN.

[patch] gas/config/tc-h8300.c

RE: [patch] gas/config/tc-h8300.c (build_bytes): Assemble ldmac correctly.

[patch] gas/config/tc-h8300.c (build_bytes): Assemble ldmac correctly.

[patch] gas/config/tc-h8300.c: make things more static

[patch] gas/config/tc-h8500.c: Fix typos.

[PATCH] global tic54x configury

[patch] ld/ldfile.c

[patch] More on HP weak symbols

[patch] more PE fixes

[patch] opcodes/ChangeLog

Re: [patch] opcodes/h8300-dis.c

[PATCH] RS6000 and PowerPC CPU types (revised)

[PATCH] tic54x gas target

[PATCH] tic54x ld target

[PATCH] windres: icon control

[patch]: Fix mul precedence in src/gas/expr.c (mri mode)

[patch]: ld version script grammar failures

[Patch]: Update configuration files to build for 68HC1X targets

[PATCH]Add --style switch to binutils

[PATCH]Add gnat demangler

[PATCH]Make Java a demangler style

[Q] Symbol versioning

[rfa] Add signed address support to ecoffswap.h

[rfa] bfd_elf_sign_extend_vma()

[RFA] Make rs6000-core.c compile on rs6000-ibm-aix3.2.5 again.

[rfa] Sign extend elf entry point (sometimes)

[RFA] sync include/ansidecl.h with GCC

[rfc] For mips, sign-extended ecoff offsets

[SuperH] Problem building *.o from binary

Another gc-sections doc fix.

Re: Another patch for visibility.

approved commit to the 2.10 branch??

ARM register names...

Avoid crash on `blx' to local symbol (ARM)

A bad change to gas

Better way to get the arch/endianess?

bfd 2.10.90: Handle R_MIPS_REL32 relocations correctly

Re: BFD patch for peicode.h

bfd/elfcode.h change for size of entries in .hash section

bfd/po changes in snapshots?

Binary binutils for Win98

binutils 2.10 rc1 on *-rtems

binutils 2.10rc3 on *-rtems

Re: binutils IEEE support is broken in binutils because of `slashpatch'

Re: binutils IEEE support is broken in binutils becauseof `slash patch'

Re: binutils- on linux-redhat-sparc build failure

binutils/dyn-string.c and libiberty/dyn-string.c

Re: Broken .hidden support in current binutils on ia32

Bug in ARM assembler....

buglet in binutils/debug.c

building binutils under cygwin on win98

c30 on rc3 broken

Re: Can gdb debug win32 native program?

Can I link a.out .o with ELF?

Can we emulate i386-pc-pe-coff with i386coff?

CGEN RFA/PATCH: gas/cgen.c, longjmp crash protection

Change behaviour of EITHER_BUT_PREFER_MU d30v opcodes

Concern about recent patch

Contents of .gnu.version_r

Copyright assignment

cvs update

DEJAGNU will not build...

DJGPP stub update

DJGPP stub update #2

DWARF2 info not being generated correctly for PPC targets?

ELF files...




Execution Error or SREC error?

Re: expression parsing with odd line separator char

FAIL: strings

Re: first release candidate for 2.10

Fix for calling backend reloc functions

Fix name clash for ! __STDC__

gas .macro quirks, and an ARM bug

gas documentation errors

gas macro arguments or escapes botched, perhaps related to ONLY_STANDARD_ESCAPES

Gas/bignum expressions

gas/tc-mips.c patch (absolute expressions)

gcc wince header files/.a

gcc wince/clmips

GNU ld on Solaris/x86?

GNU licence for GCC and binutils

How do i get a working AVR-GCC ?

How to use OVERLAY?

instructions for Athlon

It is ok to have undefined hidden symbols in a .o file

Large number of gas warnings compiling linux kernel....

ld --embedded-relocs for m68k

ld -r breakage

ld segmentation fault

Let's not assume config.sub is executable

Re: libiberty patch - configure/makefile for cygwin

license on libbfd?


m68k-coff ld --embedded-relocs

maintainer mode

make dep

Minor changes in generic files for MIPS versioning support

MIPS ECOFF ld --embedded-relocs: looks like a bug

MIPS gcc `leasi' pattern vs. binutils 'la' pseudo-op.

More on merging include from gcc

More Q's on symbol versioning

My i386-pc-pe-coff pacth to gas/ [Re: Can we emulate i386-pc-pe-coff with i386coff?]

New ABI demangler support in binutils

New cross toolchain development utility...

Nick on Vacation

objcopy=illegal variable index.

objdump --debug and COFF weak functions

objdump --stabs

patch applied to peicode.h

a patch approved but not applied for some reason

patch for bfd/syms.c

A patch for binutils.texi

Patch for bogus DEP check in

patch for COFF .section

A patch for gas/macros/strings.d

A patch for ld/

A patch for vms-misc.c

PATCH to bfd: embedded relocs for m68k COFF as discussed with Ian

Patch to eliminate garbage in DJGPP execs

PATCH to ld fixes the MIPS ECOFF --embedded-relocs BFD check bug

Re: PATCH to ld fixes the MIPS ECOFF --embedded-relocs BFD checkbug

PATCH to ld: embedded relocs for m68k COFF as discussed with Ian

PATCH to ld: embedded relocs for m68k COFF, 2nd take

Patch to ltconfig

patch to optionally relax paren expression handling

Patch: do not ignore .type for undefined symbols in a.out

PATCH: expression parsing - '(' operator

Patch: Mix PE and ELF on ia32.

Re: Possible problem with gas on MIPS

problem compiling binutils 2.10

Problem crosscompiling for MIPS (YLWRAP undefined!)

problem with installing binutils

Problem with libtool and aclocal

Psossible problem with gas on MIPS

pull up NetBSD sparc/sparc64 ELF support?

Q: Reasoning behind ld -r/-Ur turning off READONLY section flag?

question about obj_coff_section

redefine symbol names in shlib?

relocation table and unresolved exernal coexist? use -r option.

REQUEST: Archive File Format Reference

Revised patch for using PE object files under non-PE platforms

RFA/PATCH: binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.exp

RFA/PATCH: gas support for $ prefix for hex literals

Re: RFA: add i[3456]86-*-netbsdelf* target to config.bfd

RFA: binutils-all/readelf.exp patches for 64-bit output.

RFA: command line switches for QED series of MIPS processors.

second release candidate for 2.10

Set section vma for COFF in BFD gas

Set section vma for COFF in BFD gas [take 2]

setlocale calls in binutils

Should ppc's `bge-' be rejected with -mcom?

status of hppa1.1-elf in binutils

Strange entries in include/ChangeLog

stupid ld tricks

targets supporting garbage collection

Test case which displays problem found in libstdc++-v3 effort

third 2.10 release candidate

typo fix for obj-coff.c

Using strip --strip-debug on archives

Weak (sdef) symbols displayed by nm for hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20

What is status of TI C3x/C4x support in binutils 2.10?

Where is my binutils paperwork?

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