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src bfd/ChangeLog bfd/aout-tic30.c bfd/coff-h8 ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2012-11-09 08:29:35

Modified files:
	bfd            : ChangeLog aout-tic30.c coff-h8500.c dwarf2.c 
	                 elf.c elf32-frv.c elf32-v850.c opncls.c 
	                 plugin.c reloc.c vms-lib.c 
	binutils       : ChangeLog coffgrok.c resrc.c 
	gas            : ChangeLog dwarf2dbg.c symbols.c 
	gas/config     : atof-ieee.c atof-vax.c tc-d10v.c 
	                 tc-i386-intel.c tc-s390.c tc-v850.c tc-xtensa.c 
	ld             : ChangeLog testplug.c 
	opcodes        : ChangeLog aarch64-opc.h ia64-gen.c 

Log message:
	Remove trailing redundant `;'
	* aout-tic30.c (MY_final_link_callback): Remove trailing
	redundant `;'.
	* coff-h8500.c (extra_case): Likewise.
	(bfd_coff_reloc16_get_value): Likewise.
	* dwarf2.c (_bfd_dwarf2_cleanup_debug_info): Likewise.
	* elf.c (_bfd_elf_slurp_version_tables): Likewise.
	* elf32-frv.c (elf32_frv_relocate_section): Likewise.
	* elf32-v850.c (v850_elf_perform_relocation): Likewise.
	* opncls.c (bfd_calc_gnu_debuglink_crc32): Likewise.
	* plugin.c (add_symbols): Likewise.
	* reloc.c (bfd_check_overflow): Likewise.
	* vms-lib.c (_bfd_vms_lib_archive_p): Likewise.
	* coffgrok.c (coff_grok): Remove trailing redundant `;'.
	* resrc.c (open_input_stream): Likewise.
	* config/atof-ieee.c (gen_to_words): Remove trailing redundant
	* config/atof-vax.c (flonum_gen2vax): Likewise.
	* config/tc-d10v.c (write_2_short): Likewise.
	* config/tc-i386-intel.c (i386_intel_simplify): Likewise.
	* config/tc-s390.c (tc_s390_force_relocation): Likewise.
	* config/tc-v850.c (md_parse_option): Likewise.
	* config/tc-xtensa.c (find_address_of_next_align_frag): Likewise.
	* dwarf2dbg.c (out_header): Likewise.
	* symbols.c (dollar_label_name): Likewise.
	(fb_label_name): Likewise.
	* testplug.c (record_add_file): Remove trailing redundant `;'.
	* aarch64-opc.h (gen_mask): Remove trailing redundant `;'.
	* ia64-gen.c (fetch_insn_class): Likewise.


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