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src ld/ChangeLog ld/scripttempl/ ld ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2004-09-03 14:31:41

Modified files:
	ld             : ChangeLog 
	ld/scripttempl : 
	ld/testsuite   : ChangeLog 
	opcodes        : ChangeLog crx-opc.c 
	gas            : ChangeLog 
	gas/config     : tc-crx.c 
	gas/testsuite  : ChangeLog 
Added files:
	ld/testsuite/ld-crx: crx.exp crx.ld reloc-abs32.d reloc-abs32.s 
	                     reloc-imm16.d reloc-imm16.s reloc-imm32.d 
	                     reloc-imm32.s reloc-num16.d reloc-num16.s 
	                     reloc-num32.d reloc-num32.s reloc-num8.d 
	                     reloc-num8.s reloc-regrel12.d 
	                     reloc-regrel12.s reloc-regrel22.d 
	                     reloc-regrel22.s reloc-regrel28.d 
	                     reloc-regrel28.s reloc-regrel32.d 
	                     reloc-regrel32.s reloc-rel16.d 
	                     reloc-rel16.s reloc-rel24.d reloc-rel24.s 
	                     reloc-rel32.d reloc-rel32.s reloc-rel4.d 
	                     reloc-rel4.s reloc-rel8-cmp.d 
	                     reloc-rel8-cmp.s reloc-rel8.d reloc-rel8.s 
	gas/testsuite/gas/crx: allinsn.exp arith_insn.d arith_insn.s 
	                       beq_insn.d beq_insn.s bit_insn.d 
	                       bit_insn.s br_insn.d br_insn.s 
	                       cmov_insn.d cmov_insn.s cmpbr_insn.d 
	                       cmpbr_insn.s jscond_insn.d jscond_insn.s 
	                       list_insn.d list_insn.s load_stor_insn.d 
	                       load_stor_insn.s misc_insn.d misc_insn.s 
	                       no_op_insn.d no_op_insn.s shift_insn.d 

Log message:
	Add LD and GAS testsuites for CRX port.
	Fix several crx bugs.


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