Providing your own version of FOO

You would like to provide an optimized version of function FOO for your target.

The following constraints hold:

Directory BAR

In glibc the canonical target selects a directory, we call it BAR, which is used as a suffix when building a a list of all the system dependency directories to search.

For example, the canonical target "hppa-linux-gnu" selects the directory "hppa", and searches all the "hppa" sysdep directories.

See for more information.

Function FOO

The default implementation of function FOO exists as a C file, assembly file, or auto-generated syscall stub, named FOO.c or FOO.S or a line in a syscalls.list. These files are somewhere in one of the sysdep directories.

The sysdep directories are searched in order, and the target specific directories are searched first. This allows the target to override the default FOO with their own implementation.

Overriding FOO

To override FOO simply provide a FOO.c or FOO.s or syscalls.list in the early system dependency directories for the target.

The directories under sysdeps/BAR/ are used for OS independent functions.

The directories under sysdep/unix/sysv/linux/BAR/ are used for Linux dependent functions.

For example if your newly implemented memcpy uses a Linux syscall then it goes in the latter, otherwise the former.


Be aware that each sysdep directory has it's own configure and therefore may carry some intelligence, and could possibly do things differently.

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