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=The glibc testsuite= = The glibc testsuite =

The glibc testsuite

The glibc testsuite can be executed by issuing the 'make check' command from the build directory. The testsuite halts whenever it encounters an error. One may continue by simply issuing the 'make check' command again, but it is recommended that testsuite failures be studied seriously and if necessary, reported in bugzilla.

A typical test case writes out a file with a .out extension in the build directory, that contains the output of the test. This file may be inspected in case of a test case failure to determine what the problem. If you report a test case failure in bugzilla, be sure to include the contents of the relevant .out file as well.

To repeat the test that failed, simply remove the .out file associated with that test, since the presence of the file in the build directory (with a more recent timestamp) implies that the test has already been run. Alternatively, one could simply use 'make -k check' to run the entire testsuite without halting for errors and then inspect the output and the relevant .out files for errors.

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