The release branch of glibc-2.11 is maintained by PetrBaudis ( and its current release is 2.11.3, tagged in Nov 2010. There are no immediate plans for the next release.

The ref structure of this release branch is:

These people are interested in contents and further revisions tagged on the branch:

The general policies for release branches apply to this branch. Do you think a certain bugfix should be included in this branch?

  1. Is the fix committed in master? It has to be, unless it's not applicable to master (e.g. code has been rewritten meantime).
  2. Do you have commit permissions? If so, go ahead if you think it's reasonably safe. break;
  3. Can you handle Git yourself? Then you can clone the glibc repository, cherry-pick the appropriate fixes, push your branch out (e.g. create a fork at and send a pull request at libc-alpha. break;

  4. Add the glibc_2.11 keyword to the appropriate bug report.
  5. If there is no appropriate bug report, send a request for the fix to be included to libc-alpha.

A revision release is tagged either when some critical bug-fix appears, or after some period of real-world testing, usually mainly in some SUSE distribution branch (but other distributions are welcome to run latest release/2.11/master as well, more so if they tell me about it!).

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