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Becoming a maintainer (developer) is an extra step that allows you to work more closely with the community on glibc development. Becoming a maintainer (developer) is a set of extra steps that allows you to work more closely with the community on glibc development.

You can create a patchwork account, or a wiki account, or even establish you are doing good work without becoming a maintainer.


If you would like your name added or removed from this list, please do so yourself.

Contributing to glibc

It all starts with one contribution. Anyone can contribute.

Please follow the Contribution Checklist: https://sourceware.org/glibc/wiki/Contribution%20checklist

Becoming a maintainer (developer)

So you want to become a maintainer (developer) eh?

Becoming a maintainer (developer) is a set of extra steps that allows you to work more closely with the community on glibc development.

You can create a patchwork account, or a wiki account, or even establish you are doing good work without becoming a maintainer.

This is how you do it:

  1. Get yourself a patchwork account on patchwork.sourceware.org and go through the Patch Review Workflow. Once you have an account ask one of the patchwork admins to give you permission to edit patches.

  2. Get yourself a wiki account and verify that you can edit the wiki. WARNING: Your account will be purged if you do not verify your account (spam prevention to avoid the database filling up with spam users).

  3. Establish you are doing good work.
    • Once you have established that you are doing good work and following the contribution checklist, you may be approved for commit access as a maintainer (developer). Talk to the project stewards and ask them if being a maintainer (developer) is right for you. If the project steward agrees, then proceed to the next step.
  4. Ask for commit access.
    • Ask one of the project stewards to authorize your commit access.
    • If the project steward authorizes you for commit access follow these instructions to create a sourceware account with commit access to the glibc repository.

  5. Add yourself to the maintainers list.

You're a maintainer (developers) now! Huzzah!

Project stewards (GNU package maintainers)

The following people have agreed to be responsible for glibc to the GNU Project (alphabetical order by last name):

  • Ryan S. Arnold (rsa,ryanarn)
  • Paul Eggert (eggert)
  • Jakub Jelinek (jakub)
  • Maxim Kuvyrkov (maximk,mkuvyrkov)
  • Joseph Myers (jsm28)

  • Carlos O'Donell (carlos)

  • Alexandre Oliva (aoliva)
  • Andreas Schwab (schwab)

These people are the GNU package maintainers of glibc, with the associated responsibilities. Other people listed are "developers" in GNU project terms.

You can reach out to the stewards directly and privately with your questions or comments by sending email to libc-maintainers@gnu.org.

Maintainers (developers) for libc

Write after Consensus and/or approval from machine or other subsystem maintainer (alphabetical order by last name):

  • Dave Anglin (danglin)
  • Albert Aribaud (aaribaud)
  • Ryan S. Arnold (rsa,ryanarn)
  • Petr Baudis (pasky)
  • Philip Blundell (pb)
  • Christian Brauner (brauner)
  • Thomas Bushnell (tb)
  • Matheus Castanho (mscastanho)
  • Paul Clarke (pc)
  • DJ Delorie (dj)
  • Liubov Dmitrieva (ldmitrie)
  • Ulrich Drepper (drepper)
  • Paul Eggert (eggert)
  • Mike Fabian (mfabian)
  • Raoni Fassina Firmino (raoni)
  • Alistair Francis (alistair23)
  • Mike Frysinger (vapier)

  • Noah Goldstein (nwg)
  • Gabriel F. T. Gomes (gftg)

  • Richard Henderson (rth)
  • Daniel Jacobowitz (drow)
  • Andreas Jaeger (aj)
  • Aurelien Jarno (aurel32)
  • Jakub Jelinek (jakub)
  • Geoffrey Keating (geoffk)
  • Mark Kettenis (kettenis)
  • Jan Kratochvil (jkratoch)
  • Andreas Krebbel (andikr)
  • Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk)
  • Maxim Kuvyrkov (maximk,mkuvyrkov)
  • Jeff Law (law)
  • James Lemke (jwlemke)
  • Dmitry V. Levin (ldv)
  • Stefan Liebler (stli)
  • H. J. Lu (hjl)
  • Rafał Lużyński (rluzynski,rl)
  • Mao Han
  • Greg McGary (gkm)

  • Allan McRae (allan)

  • Luis Machado (luisgpm)
  • Lucas Alexandre Mello Magalhães (lamm)
  • Chris Metcalf (cmetcalf)
  • Jim Meyering (meyering)
  • David S. Miller (davem)
  • Brooks Moses (brooks)
  • Steven Munroe (sjmunroe)
  • Paul Murphy (murphyp)

  • Joseph Myers (jsm28)

  • Will Newton (willnewton)
  • Jonathan Nieder (jrnieder)
  • Carlos O'Donell (carlos)

  • Alexandre Oliva (aoliva)
  • Paul Pluzhnikov (ppluzhnikov)

  • Marek Polacek (mpolacek)
  • Siddhesh Poyarekar (siddhesh)

  • Siva Chandra Reddy (sivachandra)

  • Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho (tuliom)
  • Torvald Riegel (torvald)
  • Maciej W. Rozycki (macro)
  • Andreas Schwab (schwab)
  • Thomas Schwinge (tschwinge)
  • Carlos Eduardo Seo (cseo)
  • Arjun Shankar (arjun)
  • Marcus Shawcroft (mshawcroft)
  • Franz Sirl (sirl)
  • Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan (raji)
  • Alfred M. Szmidt (amszmidt)
  • Chung-Lin Tang (cltang)
  • Tom de Vries (vries)
  • Florian Weimer (fw)

  • Zack Weinberg (zack)
  • Mark Wielaard (mark)

  • Adhemerval Zanella (azanella)
  • Raphael Moreira Zinsly (rzinsly)
  • Szabolcs Nagy (nsz)
  • Paul Zimmermann (zimmerma)

Operating system port maintainers

Machine maintainers

A machine maintainer is responsible to the GNU C Library project for maintaining the support for their machine, and for supporting the users of that machine. In general this maintainership means that you have the discretion to assume consensus for a change of your own without waiting for review or comments on consensus. If the discussion shows there is no consensus after all then your change will need revising or reverting. This does not mean that all objections are relevant for establishing lack of consensus, e.g. if the reasons given are speculative, based on false analogies to other machines or a lack of understanding of the change and its context or themselves ignore other established consensus. Lastly keep in mind that sustained opposition may be ignored if it is not considered a substantial issue by an important part of the concerned developers.

  • aarch64
    • Marcus Shawcroft (mshawcroft)
    • Szabolcs Nagy (nsz)
  • arc
  • arm
    • Philip Blundell (pb)
    • Joseph Myers (jsm28)

  • alpha
    • Richard Henderson (rth)
  • C-SKY
    • Mao Han
  • hppa
    • Dave Anglin (danglin)
    • Carlos O'Donell (carlos)

  • i386, x86_64, x32
    • Community review.
    • Carlos O'Donell (carlos)

  • ia64
  • m68k
    • Andreas Schwab (schwab)
  • linux-generic
    • Chris Metcalf (cmetcalf)
  • microblaze
    • David Holsgrove (davidholsgrove)
  • mips
    • Joseph Myers (jsm28)
  • nios2
    • Chung-Lin Tang (cltang)
  • or1k
  • powerpc
    • Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho (tuliom)
  • RISC-V
    • Palmer Dabbelt (PalmerDabbelt)

    • Darius Rad
    • Andrew Waterman
    • DJ Delorie
  • s390
    • Stefan Liebler (stli)
    • Andreas Krebbel (andikr)
  • sh
    • No maintainer.
  • sparc
    • David S. Miller (davem)

Distribution Maintainers

At the distribution level there are developers who are responsible for glibc in their particular distribution. These developers are an excellent point of contact when we have distribution related issues or questions and they should be consulted on issues that have far reaching effects on the distributions.

In alphabetical order by distribution:

Maintainers for the mailing lists

The mailing lists for glibc are maintained on sourceware. The current maintainers that can configure the ezmlm mailing lists are:

Maintainers for the website

Blanket commit with the understanding that consultation and discretion are required. We maintain two websites, the official FSF website and another site at sourceware.org that forwards to the FSF one. See the Website Maintenance.

Maintainers for the wiki

You need shell access to sourceware.org followed by the ability to edit /wiki/glibc.py to add or modify properties of the wiki. There should be no need to do this, but sometimes you want to customize groups or do something more advanced. The following people have access to do this:

Maintainers for the patchwork instance

You need login to sourceware.org for the patchwork user.

Maintainers for the git hooks

You need shell access to sourceware.org followed by the ability to edit /git/glibc.git/hooks/* to change the hooks.

Maintainers for Bugzilla

Changes to bugzilla should be discussed by the entire community.

As an anti-spam measure the ability to edit certain fields of created bugs is not possible e.g. 'editbugs' is restricted by default. If you would like 'editbugs' capabilities please just ask on libc-help@sourceware.org. There are several people in the community which can grant this permission including anyone with a @debian.org, @fedora.org, @gentoo.org, @gnu.org, @redhat.com, @sourceware.org, @suse.com, @suse.de, or @ubuntu.com accounts in bugzilla. Just ask.

Maintainers for linuxthreads add-on

  • The linuxthreads add-on is no longer being actively maintained. The last official maintainer was Daniel Jacobowitz (drow).

Maintainers for BuildBot

The following people have access to the BuildBot server and can help you to integrate BuildBot-related patches.

  • Carlos O'Donell (carlos)

  • Gabriel F. T. Gomes (gftg)

  • Mark Wielaard (mark)

  • Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho (tuliom)

Reviewers by component

The intent of this table is to record which project members are either interested in or consider themselves capable of reviewing changes in the respective components. The component list is taken from bugzilla, plus some extra areas of interest. Where someone is listed in the Maintainers column, they may at their discretion consider their own patches in that area to have consensus without waiting for third-party review, although other people may still review patches in that area and it may turn out that a patch by someone listed does not in fact have consensus and needs changing or reverting.





Siddhesh Poyarekar

Siddhesh Poyarekar



Carlos O'Donell

hurd htl

Thomas Schwinge, Samuel Thibault


Petr Baudis (don't block on him)

Mike Fabian, Rafał Lużyński


Carlos O'Donell, Siddhesh Poyarekar, DJ Delorie



Joseph Myers

Joseph Myers


Florian Weimer



Carlos O'Donell


Petr Baudis (don't block on him), DJ Delorie


Carlos O'Donell



Joseph Myers

Joseph Myers


conform/ tests

Joseph Myers

Joseph Myers

concurrency issues

Torvald Riegel

security issues

Florian Weimer, Siddhesh Poyarekar


Siddhesh Poyarekar

Everything else

Carlos O'Donell

Accounts on Sourceware.org and source control ACLs

The glibc source is graciously hosted by Red Hat on sourceware.org. Project stewards are responsible for authorizing commit access to the glibc group for the glibc and glibc-ports repositories. Once you are in the glibc group you will have write access to the repositories.

  • Individual developers, without an existing account, requesting commit access should use the web form (for account creation and git write access)

  • If you are requesting commit access for multiple people as part of a top-tier namespace request, please follow these instructions: Requesting a namespace.

  • If you have an existing account you must email overseers@sourceware.org using the following template (only for git write access):

TO: overseers@sourceware.org
CC: <glibc project steward>


Please add me (<your sourceware username>) to the glibc group after verifying with <glibc project steward>.

<glibc project steward> vouches for my sanity and competence.

I truly understand FSF copyright protocols, and always respect per-branch policies on what I am allowed to touch and how.

Thank you,

<your name>

Contacting maintainers

The normal way to contact maintainers about bugs is via the Bugzilla Procedures. Important security-related bugs, where public notification may cause harm to users, can be reported privately; see Security Process for details.

LinkedIn Group

We have a LinkedIn Group for GLIBC Developers. The group is moderated by Carlos O'Donell.

Open HUB Group

We have an Ohloh Project for tracking glibc. The project is moderated by Carlos O'Donell.

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