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To edit the wiki you need to do 2 things:

  • Create an account on the wiki.
  • Tell a community member you login name and ask them to edit this page and add your name to this list of names below.


As part of this wiki's spam prevention process we keep a community maintained list of allowed editors. Members of this group are allowed to edit the wiki. This is a community maintained list. As a member of EditorGroup you can add other users to this list but by doing so you vouch for them. This process has reduced spam to zero since only those interested humans are willing to ask to be added by other humans who vouch for them. Despite this feature, and our desire to keep the registration process open, the spammers still fill the database with new login entries that slow down MoinMoin. To combat spam login accounts we routinely purge the account database down to the list of users that are on this page. If you find your account was purged, please create it again, and make sure to get yourself added to this list.

The following users we added because they made reasonable edits to the wiki before we adopted this whitelist. Their accounts are listed here to allow them to continue to edit the wiki (or this list). If you know these people and vouch for them please move their account into the top list.

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