David S. Miller

Email: <davem AT SPAMFREE davemloft DOT net>

David has been working on open source projects involving Sparc for more than 15 years.

His first contribution was the Sparc dissasembler in the netbsd kernel debugger.

David started the Sparc port of the Linux kernel and still maintains it today.

For many years David maintained the Sparc backend of GCC and even rewrote the backend completely early in days of the EGCS project. David sits on the GCC steering committee.

David also contributes to Sparc support in binutils. Recent work here includes consolidating all of the identical 32-bit and 64-bit Sparc code in the BFD backend into a common shared body of code, adding support for all mnemonics supported by Sun's assembler to GAS, adding STT_GNU_IFUNC support for Sparc, and most recently adding support for GOTDATA relocation optimizations.

David is also the author of the Sparc target support in the GOLD linker.


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