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= GNU Cauldron 2019 Notes =
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= GNU Cauldron 2019 Notes =

Notes to go here.

GNU Cauldron 2019 Agenda

On XXXX 2019 the GNU C Library community held a BoF at GNU Cauldron 2019.

  • Contribution Checklist v2
    • Ask reviewers to give “Reviewed-by:” so we can thank them all.
  • GLIBC_PRIVATE mangling
    • Break applications using GLIBC_PRIVATE by mangling the symbol at every release or build?
  • latrace/audit integration
    • Merge latrace and ltrace?
    • Put it on gitlab, and call it part of the official glibc audit framework?
  • Put glibc on gitlab?
    • Inconvenient to move.
    • Adds a PR workflow for those that like that.
    • Still supports email-based workflow.
    • Faster access to repository via Gitlab's servers (tested faster than sourceware).
    • Provides CI hooks for running build-many-glibcs for each PR.
  • Building independent parts of glibc
    • A libglibcmalloc.so - Independent malloc for testing experimental changes?
    • A libm.so & libmvec.so - Revisit discussion?

  • Update the glibc build infrastructure
    • Discuss getting accurate dependency information into the build system so we can do incremental build and test in as fast a time as possible.
  • How do we, as a core library, promote research into:

GNU Cauldron 2019 Notes

Notes to go here.

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