This page describes the work to integrate Python scripting into Gdb. For a short tutorial of new features see PythonGdbTutorial.

Getting the code / Helping

Almost all the code from the old development branch has been merged to GDB CVS. The simplest way to get the code is to check out from CVS. New work should be done using CVS HEAD as a baseline.


Example code

There are some useful examples in the source tree. Look in src/gdb/python/lib/gdb. (The old archer-tromey-python branch in the archer git repository still has some code here that has not been merged.)

Current Roadmap

The medium-term roadmap we are working on is in this email message.

Things we want to work

In addition to the medium-term roadmap, here are some other areas where we would appreciate help. There is some overlap.

Big Goals

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