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D.12 Non-base registers on Gould systems

.stab?: N_NBTEXT
.stab?: N_NBDATA
.stab?: N_NBBSS
.stab?: N_NBSTS
.stab?: N_NBLCS

These are used on Gould systems for non-base registers syms.

However, the following values are not the values used by Gould; they are the values which GNU has been documenting for these values for a long time, without actually checking what Gould uses. I include these values only because perhaps some someone actually did something with the GNU information (I hope not, why GNU knowingly assigned wrong values to these in the header file is a complete mystery to me).

240    0xf0     N_NBTEXT  ??
242    0xf2     N_NBDATA  ??
244    0xf4     N_NBBSS   ??
246    0xf6     N_NBSTS   ??
248    0xf8     N_NBLCS   ??