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  • User starts frysk from menu:

    • Where should frysk's menu entry fall? Applications => Programming; or Applications => System Tools?
    • In an ideal world, frysk would be set up as part of the user's (or system profile). The world is not ideal.
  • First time frysk starts, a configuration menu is offered:

    • The very first time frysk is started, the user is initially presented with the configuration menu.
    • By default the crash observer is enabled; the user can of course enable other observers.
    • Also the user gets to specify that frysk is always automatically started when the user logs in (Is this user-interface correct?).
  • Once frysk is running, the user can access various windows (or applications from the menu):

    • In its default mode, frysk appears in the egg-tray, just like any other running application.
    • The user accesses frysk using the menu.
  • The next time the user logs in, frysk is started automatically:

    • If so configured, frysk starts automatically when ever the user logs in (the login possibly being automatic).