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Frysk Manual Pages


  • frysk.7 The Frysk Debugging, Tracing, and Monitoring Tool Suite

Command Line Utilities

  • fauxv.1 print the auxiliary vector
  • fcatch.1 print a stack back-trace of a program as it crashes
  • fcore.1 extract a core file from a process
  • fdebugdump.1 dumps a hierarchy of the debug info dies
  • fdebuginfo.1 display the debug-info paths for a process and its shared modules
  • fdebugrpm.1 install missing debuginfo packages
  • ferror.1 print a stack trace when the given message is printed by the traced program
  • fexe.1 print a process or corefile's executable path
  • fhpd.1 a command line debugger
  • fmaps.1 print the process or a corefile's address maps
  • fstack.1 print a stack back-trace
  • fstep.1 instruction steps a given program
  • ftrace.1 trace system calls, function calls and signals

GNOME Interface

  • frysk.1 launches the Frysk Execution Analysis Tool

Test framework

  • funit-exec.8 on CNTRL-C exec the specified program
  • funit-exit.8 exit with specified status, or terminate with the specified signal
  • funit-slave.8 forks, execs, and clones on receipt of specific signals
  • funit-threads.8 creates lots and lots of threads
  • ftail.8 runs Frysk's dogtail testsuite
  • funit.8 runs frysk's JUnit testsuite
  • fsystest.8 run Frysk's system testsuite
  • funit-procmask.8 test the processes signal mask for the presence (or absence) of a list if signals