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Get Involved


Find a Project or Task

Check frysk's to-do list, which is maintained in bugzilla, for something challenging.. Everything from bugs to major tasks are found there.

Join the IRC discussion

The bulk of frysk's technical discussion occures on IRC. Both of the following channels are highly recommended:

#frysk on irc://
frysk's technical discussion
#java-gnome on irc://
discussion of the Java-GNOME bindings that frysk is using.

Meet The frysk Team

A Who's Who of the frysk developers.

Subscribe to the mailing lists

Sign up to the following mailing lists:

for announcements, and non-IRC discussion
to monitor progress and changes
to monitor submitted bugs, tasks, and features (which are initially assigned to the frysk-bugzilla account)
for reporting and monitoring automated test results

Just fill in your e-mail address and submit this form:

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Browse the Source Code

The frysk source code is made freely available using the standard sourceware-style services.

  • Git
    Use Git to clone the frysk repository and check out the sources:
    git-clone git://
    Details on how to build and run frysk can be found on the build page.
  • Web Git
    The frysk sources can be browsed using gitweb.

People needing write access to the Git repository can request it using this handy form

Build and Run frysk

Details on how to build and run frysk can be found on the build page.

Report Problems

frysk's bugs and progress are tracked using bugzilla , you can find a list of current bugs here. Before accessing the bug database you will need to create a new account.