Device-mapper Patches


A patchset is tar file that contains a set of patches that need to be applied. The patches are numbered in the order they have to be applied, so the process is normally:

> cd /tmp
> tar jxvf 2.6.6-udm2.tar.bz2
> cd /usr/src/2.6.6-udm2
> cat /tmp/2.6.6-udm2/*.patch | patch -p1

Often the patchset also contains a file called INDEX which describes all the patches in a single place. The patches themselves also have their respective description at the beginning.

In general, Stable patchsets are ones that it is recommended that you use, unstable ones are strictly for developers and testers only.

Latest patchsets

Snapshots, pvmove support (mirroring) and multipath are now included in 2.6 kernels so the 2.6-stable series has ended. Development patches, including multipath support, are in the 2.6-unstable series. Read the INDEX file to decide which patches to apply. The 2.4-stable patches are now available as a single combined patch inside the device-mapper userspace tarball and in addition you need to apply the VFS locking patch (the 2.4.22 one should be OK with 2.4.26).

2.4 stable 2.4.26-rc1
2.6 unstable 2.6.12-rc2-udm1 browse

Pending patches

These are old patches that we have received from people but as yet haven't got around to integrating or rejecting.

Test scripts

A lot of the test scripts use the hashdd tool written by A J Lewis.

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