Bug 5173 - Multiple error messages with diffrent spelling in gas-2.17.90.pot
Summary: Multiple error messages with diffrent spelling in gas-2.17.90.pot
Alias: None
Product: binutils
Classification: Unclassified
Component: gas (show other bugs)
Version: 2.17
: P2 normal
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: unassigned
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Reported: 2007-10-13 08:36 UTC by Jorma Karvonen
Modified: 2007-10-17 16:44 UTC (History)
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Remove duplicate defintions of md_atof() function (11.89 KB, patch)
2007-10-17 16:42 UTC, Nick Clifton
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Description Jorma Karvonen 2007-10-13 08:36:07 UTC
I suppose that these error messages below should be one common error message:

#: config/tc-alpha.c:5067 config/tc-h8300.c:2053 config/tc-hppa.c:1381
#: config/tc-i860.c:1057 config/tc-m68hc11.c:560 config/tc-m68k.c:4654
#: config/tc-ns32k.c:1943 config/tc-or32.c:580 config/tc-sparc.c:2998
#: config/tc-spu.c:748 config/tc-z8k.c:1332
msgid "Bad call to MD_ATOF()"

#: config/tc-arm.c:919 config/tc-score.c:4749
msgid "bad call to MD_ATOF()"

#: config/tc-avr.c:434 config/tc-cr16.c:670 config/tc-crx.c:491
#: config/tc-d10v.c:277 config/tc-d30v.c:311 config/tc-mips.c:10769
#: config/tc-mmix.c:2263 config/tc-mn10200.c:341 config/tc-msp430.c:871
#: config/tc-pj.c:342 config/tc-ppc.c:5206 config/tc-sh.c:3076
#: config/tc-v850.c:1198
#, fuzzy
msgid "bad call to md_atof"

#: config/tc-bfin.c:728 config/tc-fr30.c:357 config/tc-frv.c:1599
#: config/tc-i960.c:1754 config/tc-ip2k.c:370 config/tc-m32c.c:1236
#: config/tc-m32r.c:2142 config/tc-mep.c:1713 config/tc-openrisc.c:375
#: config/tc-xc16x.c:258 config/tc-xstormy16.c:631
msgid "Bad call to md_atof()"

#: config/tc-i386.c:5757
msgid "Bad call to md_atof ()"


Comment 1 Nick Clifton 2007-10-17 16:42:55 UTC
Created attachment 2049 [details]
Remove duplicate defintions of md_atof() function
Comment 2 Nick Clifton 2007-10-17 16:44:46 UTC
Hi Jorma,

  Thanks for reminding me.  The md_atof() function has needed tidying up in the
sources for a long time.  So I am going to apply the uploaded patch to get rid
of most of the duplicated code (and error messages) and make things much neater.


2007-10-17  Nick Clifton  <nickc@redhat.com>

	PR gas/5173
	* as.h (ieee_md_atof, vax_md_atof): New prototypes.
	* read.c (s_float_space): Allow a zero length return from md_atof
	if the error message has been set.
	(float_cons): Likewise.
	* config/atof-ieee.c (ieee_md_atof): New function.  Performs the
	md_atof() function in a generic way for IEEE using targets.
	* config/atof-vax.c (md_atof): Rename to vax_md_atof.  Use the
	same error message as ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-alpha.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.  Remove #define of vax_md_atof.
	* tc-arc.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-arm.c (md_atof): Use sizeof (LITTLENUM_TYPE) instead of the
	constant 2.  Use a precision of 5 for the 'x' and 'p' types.
	* tc-avr.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-bfin.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-cr16.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-crx.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-d10v.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-d30v.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-dlx.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-fr30.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-frv.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-h8300.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-hppa.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-i370.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	(i370_dc): Convert the 'E' type to 'f' before calling md_atof.
	* tc-i386.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-i860.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-i960.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-ia64.c (md_atof): Use the same error message as ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-ip2k.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-iq2000.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-m32c.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-m32r.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-m68hc11.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-m68k.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-maxq.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-mcore.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-mep.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-mips.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-mmix.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-mn10200.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-mn10300.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-msp430.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-mt.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-ns32k.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-openrisc.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-or32.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-pdp11.c (md_atof): New function.  Call vax_md_atof.
	* tc-pj.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-ppc.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-s390.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-score.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-sh.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-sparc.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-spu.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-tic30.c (md_atof): Use the same error message as ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-tic4x.c (md_atof): Use the same error message as ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-tic54.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-v850.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-vax.c (md_atof): New function.  Call vax_md_atof.
	* tc-xc16x.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-xstormy16.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-xtensa.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* tc-z8k.c (md_atof): Use ieee_md_atof.
	* doc/internals.texi: Update description of md_atof function.
	* po/gas.pot: Regenerate.