Bug 5167 - port/include blktap scripts
Summary: port/include blktap scripts
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Product: systemtap
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Component: tapsets (show other bugs)
Version: unspecified
: P2 normal
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Reported: 2007-10-11 20:53 UTC by Frank Ch. Eigler
Modified: 2012-03-14 20:25 UTC (History)
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Description Frank Ch. Eigler 2007-10-11 20:53:26 UTC
Tom Zanussi's blktap* scripts should get included in our samples
and/or wiki.  While it relies on the blktrace system being turned
on via its own userspace, the forthcoming marker-based blktrace should
be workable without that.

Comment 1 William Cohen 2012-03-14 14:41:30 UTC
The blktap code has five example scripts:

countall.stp - display counts of all blktrace events
spectest.stp - test 'speculative tracing' support
iotop.stp - periodically display top I/O producers
topfile.stp - display read/write I/O accumulated by file
traceread.stp - trace read I/O for all or selected file

Each example needs blktrace running to trigger the data collection
because the tapset probes kernel.function("_blk_add_trace").  There
are some additional probes in the kernel for kernel.function

Didn't get any counts for the countall.stp or the other example
scripts. The bundling of the default handler functions in in the
tapsets/blktrace.stp blocks the real ones in countall.stp script from
being used.

I was able to veryify that __blk_add_trace was operating with the
following script:

$ stap  -I tapsets -e 'global c probe kernel.function("__blk_add_trace") { c[$what]++ } probe end {foreach (w+ in c) printf("c[0x%x] = %d\n", w, c[w]) }'
c[0x100001] = 2235
c[0x100002] = 2071
c[0x100004] = 164
c[0x100009] = 21
c[0x10000f] = 4470
c[0x110000c] = 164
c[0x1400007] = 162
c[0x1800008] = 162

partical list of things to fix:
       -break out the default handler functions into separate files
       -probe the tracepoint locations rather than __blk_add_trace
       	      (reduce overhead and eliminate need for blktrace to run)
       -address the deref() and access to data structure issues
       -make spectest.stp use the existing speculative.stp
Comment 2 Frank Ch. Eigler 2012-03-14 20:25:50 UTC
I'd rather investigate the more modern ioblame facilities.