Bug 4015

Summary: Source Window needs more fine-grained control of stepping
Product: frysk Reporter: Mike Cvet <mcvet>
Component: generalAssignee: Mike Cvet <mcvet>
Severity: normal    
Priority: P2    
Version: unspecified   
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Description Mike Cvet 2007-02-09 15:54:00 UTC
Right now, line stepping automatically steps every thread of the process. 

Need to set up an interface for thread-specific stepping for line stepping, 
instruction stepping, step-over, etc.
Comment 1 Mike Cvet 2007-02-15 18:58:04 UTC
	2007-02-15  Mike Cvet  <mcvet@redhat.com>
	* CurrentStackView.java (buildTree): Set row text to
	"Thread ID:" and use updated StackFrame.getDOMSource().
	* InlineBuffer.java: Updated to use StackFrame.getDOMSource().
	* SourceView.java: Ditto.
	* SourceBuffer.java: Ditto.
	* SourceWindow.java: Added several new Actions for thread-specific
	stepping dialog box.
	(stepInstruction): Removed.
	(createActions): Initialized new dialog box actions.
	(createMenus): Removed old thread stepping dialog entry. Added new
	Menu for thread manipulation; added entries for above Actions.
	(desensitize): Make sure to desensitize thread dialog box during
	a step or continue.
	(resensitize): Make sure to resensitize thread dialog box when signaled
	by RunState.
	(doStep): Now steps currently-selected Task only, instead of 
	stepping all threads of the process. Leaves the latter task to the new
	thread dialog box.
	(doNext): Ditto.
	(doFinish): Ditto.
	(doAsmStep): Ditto.
	(doNext): Overloaded above method. Called from threading dialog box.
	(doFinish): Ditto.
	(doAsmStep): Ditto.
	(doAsmNext): Just implemented. Perform an instruction-level step-over.
	Steps the currently selected Task.
	(doAsmNext): Overloaded above method. Called from threading dialog box.
	(handleDialog): Added. If thread dialog is null, creates it. Sets the
	type of stepping performed by the dialog based on which Action calls it.
	(currentStackChanged): Update the current Task.
	* StepDialog.java (state): Added. Determines which type of action is
	performed on selected Tasks.
	(StepDialog): Changed string from "tid" to "Thread ID:", removed call to
	stepInstruction() from OK button. Added switch to "step" button, 
	various actions depending on the requested type from the user.
	(setType): Sets the state and title for the dialog box.
	(desensitize): Added.
	(resensitize): Added.