Bug 3700

Summary: Line Stepping one-line-loopers should loop until user stops
Product: frysk Reporter: Mike Cvet <mcvet>
Component: generalAssignee: Mike Cvet <mcvet>
Severity: normal    
Priority: P2    
Version: unspecified   
Target Milestone: ---   
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Bug Blocks: 2935, 3346    

Description Mike Cvet 2006-12-11 21:36:23 UTC
Currently after 8 instructions have been executed and the line number of the 
task does not change, RunState considers the task to be looping on a single 
line and stops. 

The behaviour should be that RunState will continue attempting to change the 
line number until the user explicitly tells it to stop, via the SourceWindow.
Comment 1 Mike Cvet 2007-03-22 15:10:03 UTC
2007-03-22  Mike Cvet  <mcvet@redhat.com>

	* RunState.java (lineCountMap): Removed. Fixes #3700.
	(RunState): Removed above HashMap. Line stepping a one-line
	looper will now continue to loop until a user-requested stop.
	(setUp): Removed above HashMap.
	(setUpLineStep): Ditto.
	(stepIn): Removed code assuming lines have a finite number of
	instructions to step.
	* TestRunState.java (setUpTest): Step only the main Task.
	(stepAssertions): Removed references to signal-thread looping.