Bug 3198

Summary: Debug an Existing Process startup exception
Product: frysk Reporter: Stan Cox <scox>
Component: generalAssignee: Mike Cvet <mcvet>
Severity: normal CC: pmuldoon
Priority: P2    
Version: unspecified   
Target Milestone: ---   
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Bug Depends on: 2936    
Bug Blocks: 1633    
Attachments: test case

Description Stan Cox 2006-09-12 21:21:44 UTC
after updating and rebuilding, and rm -rf ~/.frysk: 
Choosing Debug an Existing Process gets an exception.
It worked okay previously.
This is a process that with a working FryskGui would come up in the source
window.  If I pick a process with no debug information then a source window with
"No debug information available for this stack frame" comes up with no exceptions.
Frysk-Gui dies before the source window comes up.
If I pick joe random process, e.g. bash it comes up in Frysk Source Window with
the "No debug Information..." message.
The exception status is:
loops endlessly printing java.lang.NullPointerException
    at org.gnu.gtk.TreeSelection.select(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
    at frysk.gui.srcwin.CurrentStackView.<init>(FryskGui)
    at frysk.gui.srcwin.SourceWindow.populateStackBrowser(FryskGui)
    at frysk.gui.srcwin.SourceWindow.<init>(FryskGui)
    at frysk.gui.srcwin.SourceWindowFactory.finishSourceWin(FryskGui)
    at frysk.gui.srcwin.SourceWindowFactory$SourceWinBlocker$1.run(FryskGui)
    at org.gnu.glib.CustomEvents.runEvents(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
    at org.gnu.gtk.Gtk.gtk_main(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
    at frysk.gui.Gui.gui(FryskGui)
    at frysk.gui.FryskGui.main(FryskGui)

Perhaps the problem is the recent stack trace stuff that was put in.
Comment 1 Stan Cox 2006-09-12 21:23:34 UTC
Created attachment 1295 [details]
test case
Comment 2 Mike Cvet 2006-09-13 15:25:02 UTC
2006-09-08  Mike Cvet  <mcvet@redhat.com>

    * CurrentStackView.java (CurrentStackView): Added architecture
    checks to address #3198.